1. An accurate diagnosis

It’s possible that nobody’s ever told you what the real problem is. You know what your symptoms are, but we can tell you what’s actually behind them – the root cause. To do this, we employ proven biomechanical analysis and neurologic testing methods.

2. An explanation that you can

Part of getting better is understanding what’s wrong, so that you can be part of your own treatment. Using demonstrations that we’ve found to work, we can help you to get a clear picture of what’s going on with your body.

3. A treatment plan that gets
    your life back

We’ll get to know you and what happens in your day. That way we can make relevant, logical suggestions for postural modifications and habit changes that will help you to recover. Successful treatment is a partnership between patient and therapist that ultimately leads to self-management. It’s our aim to get you back to the activities that you want to do – running, yoga, dancing, diving, swimming, triathlons, kite surfing, mountain climbing…whatever!

4. Preventative maintenance to keep you on track 

How much preventative maintenance you need will depend on several factors: The severity of your original problem; the type of work you do; and the type of sporting or physical challenges that you choose to do. Your challenge might be a desk job that makes it necessary to sit all day, or it might be a professional dance career that depends on your body’s agility. Whatever your particular circumstances, we’ll work with you towards an injury-free future.

If you have a physically demanding lifestyle, we can help you to keep your body fully functional, in spite of the sports and adventures you pursue. A preventative maintenance programme will be particularly important if your original problem was quite severe.