Who we can help 

Who can we helpWe help people of all ages from all cultures. Some of our patients are competitive athletes and professional performers, but most just want their bodies to live up to their expectations.

Growing children 

Who can we help - Growing children Like adults, children can suffer from a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems and sporting injuries. Our expertise extends to children, particular those aged seven and above because then they are old enough to get involved with their own rehabilitation. If your child complains of growing pains, we can help.

Teenagers and young adults 

Who can we help - Teenagers and young adults Treating sports and adventure-related injuries correctly is important when you’re young, because it can ensure fewer problems as you age. Postural correction is also beneficial for young adults, before their bodies get into bad habits.

Mid-life adults 

Who can we help - Mid-life adults Mid-life is a time when old injuries and scar tissue can make life uncomfortable. You’re especially vulnerable if you sit for long hours, did a lot of sport in your youth, are fond of major DIY renovation projects or spent many years wearing high heels!


Who can we help - Seniors At Gilmour & Associates, we offer comprehensive physiotherapy treatment for joint and spinal problems, tendonitis, fracture rehabilitation and post-op rehabilitation. We highly encourage an active lifestyle for maintenance of health and it’s our aim to make sure that pain doesn’t prevent you from staying active.

Elite sports people 

Who can we help - Elite sports people We provide athletes with therapy that allows the normal function of the body's joints, soft tissue and nervous system. When everything’s operating as it should, recovery from sports-related injuries is faster and more complete.


Who can we help - Dancers Our physiotherapists understand the demands, technique and injuries unique to dance. Our service for dancers includes assessment and treatment of all dance and performing arts injuries.